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Fantasy Pick'em Leagues

See how you stack up against the competition when making your picks on MMA's biggest fights in three different pick'em leagues using our 10-event "season" format!

The Big Show
Full UFC cards including all prelims

Casual League
Simplified KO/Sub/Decision format of UFC events covering main cards only

Best of the Rest
The top fights from all other MMA promotions in stacked composite cards

Pit your "chips" and your picks from any upcoming fight card found in our 3 pick'em leagues against fellow Playground-ers in a variety of fantasy pool formats!

  • Enjoy player vs player action on a per-event basis
  • Create or join One-on-One, Winner Take All and Tourney style pools
  • Pool creator has choice of scoring picks with a simplified point system or standard MMAPG league scoring
  • Pile it on! Chips never reset
Fantasy Betting Leagues

Play the odds and wager your personal fantasy bankroll against the house using straight bets and parlay bets in two different season-based leagues!

Make your vote count in our community powered MMA fighter rankings when arranging your top 10 fighters by weight class, pound for pound and favorites!

  • Smart rankings! Votes are weighted by player performance
  • Includes women's, pound for pound, "my favorites" and more
  • Fantasy league integration let's you know when a top 10 has fought
  • Fighter rankings that are decided by educated fans
Fight Camp
Enjoy a personal league with friends! Includes private message board, scoreboards and more
MMA Forums
If you love talking about MMA then pull up a chair and join the discussion with fellow fans
MMA News
Stay current on the latest MMA headlines from around the web all in one place
9,424,812 fights picked
$404,990,831 in fantasy bets
342,459 chips won in fantasy pools
Latest Headlines
Head injury sidelines champ Dantas, Warren vs. Silva for interim belt at Bellator 118 (mmajunkie.com)
A head injury suffered during a recent training session has sidelined Bellator MMA bantamweight champion Eduardo Dantas, and the organization has put together an interim title fight in its place. ...
0 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 4/26/14 4:13PM
Jon Jones claims UFC is making more millionaires than boxing (bloodyelbow.com)
Jon Jones makes the wild claim that the UFC is making more fighters into millionaires than boxing.
1 comment - Posted by FastKnockout - 4/26/14 1:41PM
Vitor Belfort wants to replace Lyoto Machida in UFC 175 main event (mmafighting.com)
Scheduled to compete for the middleweight championship at UFC 173 on May 24, Belfort was pulled out of the fight after TRT was banned by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). He claims he has been ...
3 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 4/26/14 11:58AM
Caio Machado replaces Aaron Philips in Legacy FC 32 title fight (mmajunkie.com)
Caio Machado (4-0) has stepped in June’s Legacy FC 32 headliner and will now fight for the organization’s vacant bantamweight title.
0 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 4/26/14 11:40AM
Company handling drug test collection for Jones vs Teixeira named in lawsuit for mishandling NFL samples (bloodyelbow.com)
Drug Free Sport, the company handling drug test collection for Jones vs. Teixeira is in some legal hot water via a lawsuit claiming they mishandled drug test samples to not lose the NFL as a ...
0 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 4/26/14 11:36AM
Big Nog Tears ACL, Wants UFC Fight After Surgery (mmamania.com)
I don't know what the official tally is, but between the two brothers, they've gotta hold some kind of injury record.
4 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 4/25/14 11:16PM
UFC champ Renan Barao retreats on controversy about salary complaints (bloodyelbow.com)
The Brazilian said his answer was misunderstood when asked about his money to fight and he won't discuss his contract again with the media.
6 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 4/25/14 9:25PM
UFC 172 weigh-in results: Jon Jones, Glover Teixeira official for title fight (mmajunkie.com)
BALTIMORE – UFC 172 was on scene for today’s UFC 172 fighter weigh-ins, where all 20 competitors on the show made weight for Saturday’s card.
12 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 4/25/14 5:59PM
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